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Today, Levira’s devoted team consists of 90 experienced people.

Around half of us are highly-trained engineers and many take a keen interest in technology. For anyone at the starting point of a career, Levira is a well-proven partner: several of our present leaders started here 10, 20 or 30 years ago as young eager specialists. If you ask our team members what they value most in their colleagues, the answer usually is “dedication, inspiring and smart solutions, and mutual respect”.

From time to time, we are looking for new talents, either from the field of IT, telecommunications or media services. For you to feel good here, it is important to enjoy days full of work and appreciate new opportunities, as the days at Levira are hardly ever alike. Challenge your mind and put it to work with us at Levira!

If you do not see a fitting job opening here now yet you believe that your creativity and skills can be best applied at Levira, do not hesitate to contact us. We will let you know if something suitable comes up.


Network Engineer

The role of Levra´s Network Engineer is to secure the trouble-free operation of Levira´s media distribution network and equipment, oversee equipment lifecycles, diagnose and solve errors / issues. Implement scripting and job automation. Offer technical insights to the sales team and, when required, engage in the procurement process. Liaise with clients, partners and suppliers.

Sales Manager For Satellite And Network Solutions

The ideal candidate will provide integrated IT and telecommunication solutions using satellite and IP networks to Levira´s customers, along with technical platforms and data centers. The role involves nurturing customer relationships, handling sales tasks, and creating sales proposals. In addition, when needed, leveraging with technical experts of Levira and its partners to deliver optimal solutions to customers.


Service Delivery Specialist

You will be working in the heart of Levira – in our Service Operation Center. One of your biggest responsibilities is making sure that all the right content of our play-out channels as well as our AI broadcasts is on air and running according to the schedule. You will spend your day behind a large wall of TV-screens (our own little spaceship if you will) with channels like Sony, Discovery and many more. You will also monitor the delivery and health of other Levira's services. In case of interruptions you will make corrections in running playlists, where possible, report the errors as well as coordinate relevant communication whether its in-house, customer related or both.


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Thank you for applying to be a part of the Levira family. We will be in touch.

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