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Levira acquires Estonian professional satellite communications company AA-SAT

Tallinn TV tower (photo by Sergei Zyuganov).


Levira acquires satellite communication provider AA-SAT Professional OÜ, marking a significant step to strengthen its expertise and offerings in satellite communications.

“Amid the fast-paced advancements in satellite communications, this technology has become crucial for ensuring reliable critical communications and backup connectivity for IT infrastructures. Levira’s strategic move into the satellite communications domain, complementing our terrestrial connections, aims to provide our clients with robust solutions that guarantee seamless transmission”, said Tiit Tammiste, Chairman of the Management Board at Levira.

”Levira is an acclaimed provider of terrestrial TV, radio and communication connections, and combining AA-SAT Professional’s experience and competence with Estonia’s leading technology company is a very positive development,” said Karmo Poom, Founder and Board Member of AA-SAT Professional.

Tammiste added that satellite technology fits well into Levira’s technology portfolio, which in turn provides good added value to today’s customers of both Levira and AA-SAT. According to him, new players in space technology such as Starlink and Oneweb are making communication services from low-orbit satellites affordable. “Devices are getting smaller and smaller, and their data volumes are comparable to mobile phones,” noted Tammiste.

Founded in 1997, AA-SAT Professional provides satellite and radio communication services. AA-SAT offers television, voice and internet connections in cooperation with the world’s leading manufacturers and service providers. Many projects have been for maritime use of satellite internet and satellite TV. AA-SAT has also participated in the development and implementation of communication solutions for the government of the Republic of Estonia and the Estonian defence forces.

For additional information:

Tiit Tammiste Chairman of the Management Board at Levira

Levira AS Levira produces TV content, helps media service providers in the playout of TV channels and ensures that programs are on the air 24/7.Levira is the main operator of TV and radio broadcast networks in Estonia and owns one of the largest data centers in Estonia.Levira’s customers are international and local IT companies and media service providers.The shareholders of Levira are the Republic of Estonia and the French telecommunications company TDF with holdings of 51% and 49% respectively.

On the photo: Tallinn TV tower (photo by Sergei Zyuganov).

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