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Navigating the Future of Tech and Cyber Resilience

Updated: Mar 28

The Levira Digital Frontline Series: Navigating the Future of Tech and Cyber Resilience.

Our inaugural session of the The Levira Digital Frontline Series, explores the cutting-edge of technology and cyber resilience. This series kicked off with a focus on Estonia's leading role in cyber security, showcasing how this digital-first nation has become Europe's cyber fortress. This enlightening one-hour webinar not only highlights Levira's advanced cyber security capabilities and data centre prowess but also positioned Estonia as the beacon of cyber security excellence in Europe.​​

Delve into the world of cyber security with our panel of experts, featuring renowned leaders, technology entrepreneurs, and cyber security specialists. They shred their insights on the latest trends, challenges, and breakthroughs in the field, offering a rich perspective on the global cyber security landscape.​​


Vicky Brock is CEO and co-founder of Vistalworks, a technology company that develops AI tools and enforcement intelligence to detect harmful online content and illicit goods. Vistalworks was selected by the UK Government as one of the Most Innovative Cyber SMEs of 2023. Vicky was named Inspiring Woman of the Year at the 2019 Scotland Women in Technology Awards, Scotland’s Most Inspiring Business Person of 2017 & Innovator of the Year at the Everywoman in the 2014 Technology Awards. She is a Board Director Emeritus of the Digital Analytics Association and an Estonian E-Residency Ambassador.

Sander Valvas is Head of Cybersecurity Department at Cybernetica  and a CISSP certified security professional. Over the last 8 years with Cybernetica he has offered cybersecurity services to various organisations and contributed heavily to a number of cybersecurity research and innovation projects in the domains of the military and space. Most of his time is spent on servicing and helping specialists to do their job, i.e. management related tasks. In addition to the cybersecurity he is an experienced specialist in the field of enterprise software, working in a variety of roles including consultant, developer, project manager, architect, systems analyst, and CEO. He has knowhow in accounting, financial management, production management, supply chain management, general organisational management, and operations management which have supported him well in cybersecurity challenges.

Sven Rekkaro is Levira’s Senior Media Services Architect and the main brain behind our technology strategy and thinking. Sven has been in the company since 2002 and held various positions all the way from technician to senior architect, hence accumulating a very deep and detailed knowledge of the whole media value chain. Prior to designing and building up Levira’s playout and distribution services, Sven took care of the DTT Headend services, built different IT and broadband systems and infrastructure. Sven, an avid media tech enthusiast is also keen on learning further and has been picked amongst the few to be awarded a full scholarship to obtain his master’s degree in Cybersecurity from Tartu and Tal Tech university joint program. Sven is a keen bookworm and often enjoys the outdoors with his son.

Giora Engel currently serves as the VP of API Security at Akamai. Most recently he was the CEO and Co-founder of Neosec which was acquired by Akamai. Prior to founding Neosec, he was VP Product Management at Palo Alto Networks after his first company LightCyber was acquired. He served as an officer in the elite technological unit in the Israel Defense Forces, where he pioneered the development of cyber technologies. He is a recognized innovator in cyber-security, cyber-warfare and behavioral analytics, and holds several patents.

Lauri Almann is a Co-Founder and the Chairman of CybExer Technologies, a deep tech cyber range technology company. He has managed and created scenarios for a number of complex cyber security exercises around the world including three exercises for EU Presidencies, also for European Defence Agency, NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence and national strategic decision-making exercises. From 2004 – 2008 Mr. Almann served as the Permanent Secretary of the Estonian Ministry of Defence.  Previously, he has served as the Legal Adviser to the Ministry of Defence and Special Adviser to the Minister of Defence. He was a member of the Government Delegation for the Estonia’s accession talks with NATO. He has also served as a diplomat in Brussels, Belgium; St.Petersburg, Russia and Kiev, Ukraine. He holds master’s degree (with distinction) in International Law from Georgetown University where he studied as a Fulbright Scholar and he is admitted to the New York State Bar. In 2023, Lauri Almann was elected as a Member of the Board at the Estonian Information Technology and Telecommunications Association where he focuses on cyber security matters.

Jürgen Erm Has over 13 years of professional experience in the information security field. He specializes in assisting clients in safeguarding their businesses against cyber threats. Throughout his career, he has traversed various roles, enriching his expertise across diverse domains of cybersecurity, which he is eager to share. Presently, he serves as the CEO of CYBERS, a Managed Security Service Provider headquartered in Estonia, where he spearheaded development and leadership initiatives.

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