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Distribution Services

At Levira, we excel in empowering our clients to maximize their content and channel revenue across a broad spectrum of markets. Our innovative approach has led to the creation of a hybrid media distribution network that not only spans the majority of Europe but also caters to some of the most prominent clients in the industry, covering both live and thematic channels with unmatched efficiency.


Our service's core strength lies in its scalability and adaptability, allowing us to tailor our solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.

Our strategy for planning distribution/contribution services hinges on four critical pillars: minimizing end-to-end latency to meet customer expectations, optimizing costs, ensuring high availability (SLA) levels, and targeting the precise destination/affiliate list. We leverage a hybrid model that combines fiber and public internet-based solutions, granting us unparalleled control over the distribution process and ensuring a seamless playout handover.


As the industry shifts toward public internet-based distribution technologies, Levira has been at the forefront, pioneering these services to ensure that our clients always stay ahead of the curve. Our approach involves renting private connections to forge a flexible, pan-European network that avoids excess capacity, enhancing our service's efficiency and scalability.


Our hybrid model is designed for speed and efficiency, enabling swift setup for service delivery to any location through physical network connections that are often complemented or even tripled by internet-based solutions. This redundancy ensures that even in the unlikely event of simultaneous fiber cuts, our service remains uninterrupted, making it ideal for critical services that demand the highest quality of service.


For hybrid solutions, we rely on industry-leading, reliable options such as Zixi, SRT, and RIST, ensuring that our clients' content is distributed smoothly and efficiently, no matter the circumstances.


Levira’s media network is divided into several logical and overlapping service chunks. Each service can be provided separately or combined with others.

  • Channel acquisition – we receive and distribute linear channels mainly in the EU. Channels are picked up from international media hubs, play-out centers, Internet, or satellite.

  • Channel Localization – the largest media houses have long been distributing their content to big markets via single signal offerings. Levira allows for localization/opt-out services, where local ads are inserted into the client’s channel and distributed to the designated markets. This allows the content/channel owner to earn multiple revenue streams from a single channel.

  • Channel Processing – we help our clients create alternative versions of channels for different affiliates with specific requirements. We can remove unnecessary signal components irrelevant to the destination market, create downscaled versions of channels or feeds using different encoding formats, including adaptive bitrate streams, etc.

  • Channel Delivery to affiliates – we are committed to handing over quality signals to the client’s designated operators and platforms, doing so flexibly by providing pay as you go options. Delivery methods are for the customer to specify – cloud, direct handoff, or satellite.

  • End-to-end monitoring – signal quality is ensured and monitored throughout each processing step for every stream entering Levira’s media network, all the way to the hand-over point. Status and alarms are logged. Specialists, in the Levira Service Operation Center, are guaranteeing the good health of the client services 24/7/365.

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