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Production Services


Outside Broadcasting | TV Production

At the heart of our operations lies a trio of state-of-the-art mobile broadcasting units, each fully outfitted with cutting-edge equipment for both the creation and transmission of television content. These units enable us to capture and broadcast TV imagery directly to optical cable networks or satellite, ensuring seamless coverage of events, big or small. To enhance our capabilities, we draw upon a pool of external talent, including accomplished directors, editors, camera operators, and other creative professionals, allowing us to deliver a comprehensive TV production service tailored to meet any client's needs, regardless of the broadcast platform.

Our Clients Include

Outside Broadcast Units

Levira's fleet of mobile Outside Broadcasting (OB) units is expertly designed for both television production and transmission via fibre optic cable or satellite, ensuring a seamless broadcast experience. Each of these units is outfitted with high-definition cameras and essential broadcasting equipment, all managed by a team of skilled professionals. This setup allows us to deliver live content of exceptional quality directly to TV channels.


We can further enhance our offering with access to a talented roster of experienced directors, editors, cameramen, and other creative personnel, ensuring that every production meets the highest standards of excellence.


Mobile Satellite Uplinks

Levira's fleet of compact HD/SD SNG vans are fully equipped with EBU-certified Ku-band uplinks and essential HD/SD production facilities, making them perfectly suited for covering a wide range of smaller-scale events.


Whether it's breaking news, sports events, concerts, press conferences, elections, or any other occasion, our SNG services are designed to deliver impeccable broadcast quality, regardless of the time and location.

Web Production

We offer flexible web production solutions tailored to the scale and requirements of each event. For larger productions, we deploy the same state-of-the-art OB units used in television broadcasts, ensuring the highest quality of live streaming content. For smaller-scale events, we opt for simpler, more cost-effective setups without compromising on quality. Our services are ideal for a variety of web-based events, including conferences, parties, ball games, and field sports, especially when a webcast is optimal for reaching your target audience effectively.


Our unique combination of extensive experience in TV production and mastery in web delivery techniques positions Levira as the ideal partner for diverse web production needs. We understand the nuances of both mediums and seamlessly integrate high-quality production values with the latest in web streaming technology, ensuring your event makes a significant impact online.

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