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Our Story

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Delivering Your Vision

Choosing Levira as your partner allows you to concentrate totally on your core media business while we take care of all the technology and services to deliver it. Levira has the skills, innovation and agility to make your vision a reality.

Experience And Scale

Levira has been at the forefront of media technology for over 70 years. We have built our Europe-wide business by delivering mission-critical media services for broadcasters, content owners, TV channels, OTT platforms and media houses such as Warner Bros/Discovery, PBS America, Eurosport, France 24 and many more.


Innovation And Agility

Levira’s enormous in-house capability in both IT and broadcast technologies means our clients can rely on Levira to provide the whole technical back-office.


We relentlessly pursue technological innovation to give our clients a real competitive advantage; at Levira, we continually challenge conventional thinking to deliver agile, innovative solutions for our clients that are highly cost-effective and go beyond expectations.

Co-Operation And Trust

The Levira team is tuned for synergy – we are always collaborative, open, responsible and transparent, both within Levira and with our customers and partners. We keep our promises and deadlines, matching your vision with our execution.


Critically, we listen and learn – essential qualities for co-operative, trusting relationships.


Sustainability And Action

We put the planet’s sustainability at the heart of all our decisions. Levira is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025 and we have already reduced our carbon footprint by 75% in just two years through our five solar farms and green energy sourcing.


By choosing Levira, you automatically reduce your carbon footprint as well.

Security And Reliability

Levira’s headquarters is in Tallinn, Estonia, which is also home to NATO’s cyber defence hub. As a member of NATO and the EU, Estonia is at the forefront of active cyber security, and the same is true for Levira. Security and reliability are our top priority and our pan-European, hybrid media distribution network has delivered guaranteed speed, efficiency, quality and security with an average SLA 6 nines reliability for more than 10 years.

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