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Distribution Services


Distribution Services

At Levira, we excel in empowering our clients to maximize their content and channel revenue across a broad spectrum of markets.


Our innovative approach has led to the creation of a hybrid media distribution network that not only spans the majority of Europe but also caters to some of the most prominent clients in the industry, covering both live and thematic channels with unmatched efficiency.

Media Processing

At Levira, we specialize in the sophisticated transformation of media files, offering a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet the dynamic needs of modern content delivery.


TV Playout

Levira stands at the forefront of broadcasting innovation, operating one of the most significant independent playout centers in Northern Europe.

Our broadcasting reach extends through the Baltics, Scandinavia, Europe, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates, supported by a team of seasoned professionals and the latest in technological advancements.

Playout Platform As-A-Service

Levira has been providing playout services since 2007. Throughout all the years constant extensive research has been done in the field of playout and channel origination, to choose the best technical and operational approach for our customers within their financial capabilities.

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OTT Solutions And Services

The first live OTT head-end services were put into operation at Levira in March 2015. Today Levira offers OTT transcoding and streaming in several profiles of a significant number of channels. Levira uses the newest technology solutions, providing the utmost flexibility and adopting the latest developments in the industry, thus ensuring that the service is in line with the client’s expectations for flexibility, management, and cost efficiency. Design with full 1+1 redundancy secures the highest service continuity. All services are covered with 24/7 control and monitoring (including visual) and first-line technical support.

Our main technology partners are Ateme, Snell, Dell, Grass Valley, and Cisco.

Radio Broadcasting (FM | Web)

We are the largest broadcaster of radio programs in Estonia and the majority of Estonian radio stations are our partners. We offer full FM radio broadcasting to all radio stations having the appropriate broadcast licences. Our services include a complete solution from transporting of the broadcast signals from the customers studio to the Levira-operated broadcasting stations countrywide.

Recording Studio

Terrestrial TV Broadcasting

Levira develops and operates national digital television networks We manage free-to-air channels (ETV, ETV2, ETV+, Current Time, TVP world,France24 &Ukraine24) Also pay-TV channels, offered by Elisa.

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