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IT Services

IT Services​​

  • Project-based approach. If you want to fully control your virtualisation software and independently manage the virtual platform chosen by your corporation, we can give you the hardware that is fully dedicated to your computing cluster.

  • Migration support. We help you move your solutions from the existing hardware or platform to a new one, including conversion and installation.

  • Reliable architecture. Our platform has been tested by the community, research institutions and business customers.

  • Convenient and efficient server virtualisation and cloud services management.

Infrastructure as a service

  • IT infrastructure rental. You can order an infrastructure solution and lease all the necessary components.

  • Distribution of IT costs. A rental service allows you to keep IT costs under control, spreading them evenly over a longer period of time, through monthly payments.

  • Infrastructure upgrade. The lease agreement allows you to quickly and comfortably change the company’s infrastructure in accordance with newly emerging needs.

  • High level of service. Equipment rental services are covered by a Service Level Agreement (SLA), which specifies the quality of the service offered during the term of the contract.

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