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Playout Platform As-A-Service

Playout Platform As A Service

Levira has been providing playout services since 2007. Throughout all the years constant extensive research has been done in the field of playout and channel origination, to choose the best technical and operational approach for our customers within their financial capabilities.


Take Control

Resume flexibility to operate
your own channels.



Avoid time-consuming change
management processes, launch
services you want, faster than ever.



Always know what the health of your content/service is.



No need for heavy tech personnel and roadmaps - leave that to the experts.

This research has not only been technical, Levira recognizes an obvious constraint – there are a significant number of 'black box' type solutions out there, which are no longer serving the broadcasters, rather the service providers. Levira wants to allow the broadcasters to take back control and flexibility with a new approach. Levira’s Platform as a Service model targets mainly broadcasters with some in-house operational and channel running capability.

The main ideas, that guide the platform thinking are:

  • No vendor lock solutions - a modular platform

  • Levira provides a Playout Platform as a Service and the customer can handle the channel operations itself – that is the true Platform as a Service approach

This approach allows the broadcaster to gain a great deal of freedom and flexibility in delivering their services to their viewers. The broadcaster can FOCUS on the channel and content, forgetting technical concerns and challenges.

Levira handles the platform, which also means meeting agreed technical SLAs, upgrades, and technical operations. All the customer needs to do, is focus on their channels delivering high-quality programming.

We aim to end “black box” solutions. We value transparency towards our customers and vice versa. The platform approach allows us to do so and provide our customers with the tools they need in the faster-changing content, streaming, and broadcasting business. We provide a full IP (ST2110) based platform, with all needed surrounding systems (multiviewer, compliance, storage, content delivery, playout engine, automation, graphics, etc.) and design customer-specific operational and SLA models.

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