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Telecom Infrastructure

Levira owns the highest transmitter towers backed by the most reliable power supplies in Estonia, offering an excellent base for the countrywide carrier grade services. We also have long-term international experience in network planning, build and operations. Our staff is certified to perform, build and service operations at towers.

We run a network of 22 masts and towers in Estonia, including the unique Tallinn TV Tower (314 m).

We provide our customers with full infrastructure services:

  • renting an antenna base at an appropriate height

  • electrical connection with required power with double UPS/diesel backup

  • fast data connections using own FOC loops

  • 24/7 network monitoring capability

  • accommodation of equipment at the transmitter towers

In addition to the masts and towers network, we offer comprehensive internal and international communication solutions for the transport of both data and media content, depending on the customer’s needs.

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