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Tower And Masts

Levira offers comprehensive communications solutions in the transmitter towers that cover the entire territory of Estonia.

Our masts and towers are the highest in Estonia (up to 349 m) and with the best electrical connections. High towers ensure good coverage and the best conditions for devices that need direct visibility over a long distance.

Our advantages:

  • High masts and towers allow network coverage to be increased cost-effectively

  • Electrical connection with required power and double UPS/diesel backup

  • Ensured high security requirements for both connections and physical access

  • Ability to install physically massive and high-power equipment

  • Masts and equipment locations are technically well prepared to enable rapid deployment

  • Levira’s experienced staff can help with planning, installation and maintenance

  • Possibility to use the 24/7 monitoring service

Our customers are Estonian telecommunications companies, TV and radio broadcasters, security companies, various state and research institutions.

If your company needs countywide radio communication solutions over the air, Levira can offer you the best.

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