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TV Playout

Levira stands at the forefront of broadcasting innovation, operating one of the most significant independent playout centers in Northern Europe.

Our broadcasting reach extends through the Baltics, Scandinavia, Europe, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates, supported by a team of seasoned professionals and the latest in technological advancements.


We offer a spectrum of TV playout and media asset management services, ranging from straightforward SD broadcasts to intricate HD formats that incorporate live programming, dynamic graphics, translations, and a suite of features tailored to meet the evolving demands of today’s audiences. Our commitment to quality and agility ensures we meet high standards and adapt swiftly to any requirement.

Streaming Ad Insertion Service

Our cutting-edge Opt-out (content/ad-insertion) service enables broadcasters to localize international or regional feeds by integrating local promotions, commercials, or altering channel content to align with specific market expectations. This service leverages triggers (cue-tones) from the original broadcast or its schedule to seamlessly switch to local content upon command. In scenarios devoid of triggers, similar adjustments are made based on playout schedules. We offer customized solutions combining full playout and opt-out services to meet diverse broadcasting needs.

Comprehensive Playout Services

Levira delivers a wide array of playout services designed to streamline broadcasting processes:

  • Incoming Content Management: Expert handling of content from files, tapes, or live feeds.

  • Content Adaptation: Basic non-linear editing for content repurposing.

  • Quality Assurance: Automated and manual quality checks to ensure broadcast excellence.

  • Archiving & Scheduling: Efficient content storage and precise scheduling for seamless broadcasts.

  • Versatile Broadcasting: Capabilities in both HD and SD, including dual-format options.

  • Dynamic Content Integration: Automated ad insertion, live broadcast insertions, and custom on-screen graphics enrich the viewer's experience.

  • Multilingual Support: Offering numerous audio tracks, including Dolby surround, and a variety of subtitle options to cater to a global audience.

  • Reliable Operations: Round-the-clock control, monitoring, and compliance recording to maintain the highest broadcasting standards.

  • Advanced Encoding: Expert transcoding, NLE, and VoD encoding services for diverse distribution channels, including web, mobile, and OTT platforms.

Playout graphic

All outgoing signals can be encoded into various formats and delivered to destination TV platforms, teleports, or other hand-over locations all over Europe and beyond.

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